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1. Where are you located?

You can find Lastovka at our five locations:
Three locations in Maribor, one in Limbuš and one in Ptuj.
Check out our locations page for directions.

2. At what time do you open?

For more information about working hours, please search on Google. Type your store and the info you seek will be there! It is always more accurate there.

3. As you only work seasonally, what time of the year are you open?

We start work approximately from mid-March to mid-October.

4. Are you open on public holidays?

During the season we are open every day, even on public holidays.

5. Do all locations operate with the same business plan?

Yes, all locations operate with the same business plan, same recipes, same suppliers…etc. this is how we function best.

6. Do you have vegan or gluten-free options?

Yes, all our sorbets are vegan and gluten-free. The majority of our gelato flavors are also gluten-free. Vegan and gluten-free cones are available in all our shops. On every flavor found in the ice cream display case, you will find the sign if they are vegan or gluten-free.

However, our products are prepared in an environment where tree nuts, dairy, soy, wheat and other allergens are handled. While we take extra care to minimize the risk of cross-contamination, we cannot guarantee that any of our products are completely safe to consume for people with allergies.

7. How often do you have new flavors?

We are always experimenting with new flavors! Check out our Facebook page or Instagram to see our rotating specials weekly.

8. How long can I keep my gelato in the freezer?

We recommend keeping your gelato in the freezer for a maximum of 2 to 3 weeks.

9. Can I put my gelato back in the freezer if I haven’t finished it?

Yes, but remember not to let the gelato melt before you put the box back in the freezer.

10. Where can I find the allergens in your products?

We display all the allergens in our products directly on labels both in our stores and on our website. Feel free to ask any member of our team about them should you have any doubts.

11. Is Lastovka's Ice Cream always fresh?

The quality is the primary cause of gaining our customer’s goodwill, quality always is equal to the freshness. Both hard and soft ice cream are produced on a daily basis with fresh ingredients.

12. How can I get a job in Lastovka?

Please send us an email at [email protected]

13. Are you planning to open more Lastovka shops in the future?

Yes, there will be more Lastovka stores in the near future. We plan to spread to some other cities in Slovenia.