Almost half a century

Lastovka was founded in 1976 by Jahja Demiri in Maribor, Slovenia. It is currently run by the second generation, the third generation is slowly taking it over. We’re a family run business and we operate on family values. We’ve combined years of experience to create seamless simplicity at every level. We have a great team who are dedicated, passionate and talented people to bring it all together.


We serve our customers with premium gelato and soft serve ice cream, both freshly produced on a daily basis. Ever since the founders’ passion for quality encouraged him to produce the finest gelato and sticked on using only the finest, purest ingredients for every flavor offered to consumers. Since the beginning the company has introduced more than 200 flavors.

Almost half a century


Made with the purest ingredients, fresh fruits
and following the best Italian recipes.


Handcrafted Dessert, the Italian way

We offer an authentic Italian gelato, freshly prepared every morning with genuine ingredients and seasonal fruit without adding any preservatives, colorants, and artificial flavors. We have several different gelato base recipes. Depending on the flavor we are making, we adjust sugar and fat content, to stay true to the traditional Gelato quality standards. Each of our stores is equipped with a local production laboratory, where the gelato-makers produce delicious flavors every day. Since we care about giving everyone the chance to enjoy our gelato, we continuously research natural products to develop new recipes and create exclusive flavors suitable for our vegans and celiac customers.


Vegan sorbets, gluten free flavors

Moving alongside the new market trends, especially those brought by the younger generation, we have developed our brand new collection of vegan sorbets flavors. It took us a lot of work and in-depth researches to create healthy flavors, without composing our signature taste and creaminess, opening the doors to vegetarians, vegans, as well as dairy and gluten intolerants.


Lastovka through the years

2022. Opening the fifth location

The opening year of the newest Lastovka location in Ptuj, in Slovenia's oldest and most charming city. This is Lastovka's first time out in another city.

2018. Rebranding the business

It was time to rebrand the company to give a better sense of what it is all about. Lastovka's logo had to have a modern and contemporary look, paying attention to all the lines, colors and objects found in the logo, it had to be revolutionary but still rooted in tradition.

2012. Opening the fourth location

Opening the fourth location, this time in Limbuš, six kilometers away from the center of Maribor. In the winter of 2021 this location was renovated from scratch.

2003. Opening the third location

The third location was opened, Lastovka by the Old Bridge. Since the beginning this location was renovated several times, in 2021 it was renovated from scratch.

1999. Branding the business

It was time for branding, to create its identity by building a strong name that could be associated with the work we do.

1980. Opening the second location

Opening of the second location. Lastovka on Partizanska Street, in the heart of Maribor. Since the beginning this location was renovated several times, it was last renovated in the spring of 2023.

1976. The birth of Lastovka

The name LASTOVKA was born in this year. Why Lastovka? The goal was to find something that symbolized seasonal work, and the name Lastovka (swallow) was more suitable for the type of business. Swallows tend to spend their summers in Europe, then migrate to the warmer countries in the winter.

1974. Opening the first location

Kiosk at Smetanova Street, it operated under the name MEDO until 1976. At the beginning it was a very small kiosk offering only soft serve ice cream, then the kiosk was doubled the size and later moved a few meters higher, where it is still today.

1969. Humble Beginnings

At first, in Maribor, he started in a humble way, having only one soft serve machine in the center of Maribor, specifically in Liberty Square. In this location he operated about 2 seasons, from there he moved to October 10th street and remained there for a while.

1955-68. Working with his siblings

For several years the three brothers worked together, started in Ravne na Koroškem then Slovenj Gradec. The two younger brothers moved to Maribor in the 70s. The older brother operated his shop in Slovenj Gradec until his retirement.

1923. A century of tradition

A century of tradition and dedication in a confectionery business. Our great-grandfather was the initiator of this business, he operated in many cities and towns of Slovenia. The same business was inherited by his three sons. 100 years of history have taught us that quality does not make compromises.