Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kind of ice cream flavors do Lastovka stores offer?

We serve about 20 to 24 flavors of ice cream, plus soft serve – some of them being gelato and sorbets, such as:

Banana, Cherry Mania, Choco Banana, Chocolate, Chocomenta, Coconut, Cookies, Crème caramel, Dark Chocolate, Dolce Latte, Don Vito, Hazelnut, Hello Kitty, Kinder Chocolate, Mon Cherry, Mozzart, Nutella, Peanut Butter, Pistachio, Raffaello, Rocher, Rum Raisin, Stracciatella, Tiramisu, Vanilla, Vanilla (Bourbon), Venetian Cream, White Chocolate, Yogurt, Apricot, Blood Orange, Blueberry, Cherry, Green Apple, Lemon, Lime, Mango, Melon, Forrest Fruit, Orange, Peach, Pomegranate, Raspberry, Strawberry, Watermelone.

2. Where and how can I find out the prices of the Lastovka products featured on the website?

- Please contact your local Lastovka store for information about pricing.

3. Is Lastovka's Ice Cream always fresh?

- The quality is the primary cause of gaining our customer's goodwill, quality always is equal to the freshness. Both hard and soft ice cream are produced on a daily basis with fresh ingredients.

4. Where can I taste the delicious Ice Cream flavors of Lastovka?

- Lastovka Ice Cream is served at four locations, namely three of them being in Maribor and one in Limbuš. For more information please visit Locations.

5. How can I get a job in Lastovka?

- Please visit the Jobs page on our Website Jobs.

6. I love your products how do I let you know?

- We take extra care to make premium quality ice cream for our customers and it is a real pleasure when consumers take the time to confirm that the extra effort is worthwhile. We are delighted to hear that you enjoyed your recent purchase. Our flavor development team members work very hard improving exciting flavors and creating new flavor combinations - they will be happy to receive your positive feedback! You can also become a fan of Lastovka's brand on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and share your thoughts on our blog or write us through Contact Us.

7. Are there going to be more Lastovka stores in the future?

- Yes, there are going to be more Lastovka stores in the near future. We are planning to spread in other cities of Slovenia and neighbour countries as well.

8. Why does Lastovka ice cream taste so delicious?

- Our ice cream recipe is top secret. Lastovka has more than 100 recipes to indulgence, the premium ice cream is made of high quality ingredients and loaded with cookies, different premium chocolates and other sweet goodies. And because every scoop is made in-house - just a few steps from the spot where it’s served, it always tastes fresh.

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